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  • Weightlifting Experts

    Having been in the sport of Weightlifting for two decades now, and involved with strength and conditioning even longer, the Wilkes family has a rich history and experience in strength and fitness.

    Coach Chris Wilkes has led many athletes from beginners to the podium at national and international events, including his own sons. Caine Wilkes has won five National Championships and two Pan American Championships, along with competing on multiple world teams, three of which Coach Wilkes was the team coach.

    With both experience in lifting and in coaching, the Wilkes family can look at your technique and correct faults, and observe programming and strengthen weak points.

  • Seminars

    The Wilkes family brings their years of experience to the strength and fitness community with their one-day seminars.Participants learn technique essentials such as maintaining a close bar path, the double-knee bend, and fingertip jerking, along with tips on programming, strength, and conditioning. Small hands-on groups allow for practical training specific to each athlete’s individual needs.

    Beginning in the morning, athletes will "deconstruct" the lifts, focusing on technique and drill work specific to the snatch and clean & jerk. After a lunch break, lectures and training will focus on the competition lifts where athletes will have ample time to practice what they have learned during the day.

  • Clinics

    Wilkes Weightlifting clinics are part lecture and part practical training, learning the technique of the lift as well as drills and assistance movements, all to aid in perfecting the technical aspect of the lifts. Coaches will be on hand to give positive criticism and cues to athletes and help correct flaws during training. Experienced coaches and athletes will share their knowledge from the weightlifting world to all participants. Clinics will run between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the class size.

    Clinics are for all levels of athletes. Whether you are a beginner, casual lifter or serious athlete, we can and will help you!

  • Barbell Club

    Wilkes Weightlifting's barbell team likes to focus on keeping things fun. While we keep things light and enjoyable, we do take our craft seriously, seen by our head coach, Coach Chris Wilkes, who has led three men's World Teams for the US, as well as a two-time winner of USA Weightlifting's Men's Coach of the Year.

    Our team may be small, but it packs a punch with heavy-hitters like five-time National Champion Caine Wilkes, as well as multiple medal winners such as Emelie Parker and Coard Wilkes. We also coach and work with all experience levelsand all ages.

    Ready to try us out? Come visit us out of Crossfit Indian Trail or contact us below for remote/online coaching.

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