Chris Wilkes

Coach Wilkes has been teaching competitive lifting since 1999 and is considered by many as one of the top technical coaches in USA Weightlifting. He has coached many Youth, Junior, Senior, and Master lifters onto the National and International levels. He is the head coach of Wilkes Weightlifting and has served as Men’s Coach for the USAW Men’s Team at the World Weightlifting Championships three times: in Poland in 2013, Kazakhstan in 2014 and Houston, Texas in 2015. He also travelled as a personal coach for Caine Wilkes in 2018 to the Dominican Republic as well as Turkmenistan.  He was a coach for Team Muscledriver for the 2015 National Championships, where Team Muscledriver won best overall team for both the men and women. He is a two-time recipient of USAW’s Men’s Coach of the Year award.

Coach Wilkes has been coaching and training athletes in football, track and field, swimming, and tennis for nearly thirty years, using Olympic Weightlifting as the center of his training. He also coached football at the middle and high school levels. He was the Strength and Conditioning Coach at a local high school for the football and track team. Coach brings the great combination of being an experienced meet coach, as well as demanding technique from his lifters in the training room.

Coach Wilkes has coached numerous standout lifters including:

Caine Wilkes: 5-time USA National Champion 105kg+ (2013-2017), 2-time Pan Am Gold Medalist (2014, 2017), 5-time USA World Team member(2013-2015, 2017, 2018).
Kyle Ernst: 2-time Youth National Champion (2004, 2005), 2006 Jr. National Champion, 2005 Jr. Pan Am Gold Medalist,
Coard Wilkes: School age National Champion (2004), 2 time Jr. National Champion (2008, 2009), 2011 American Open Gold Medalist
Rick Bucinell: 6-time Masters World Champion and World Record holder.

Caine Wilkes

Caine has been weightlifting for over 20 years, initially to supplement his football training in middle school. Just a short time after, he decided to focus solely on weightlifting. He has been on the medal stand multiple times as a school-age, junior, and senior lifter, and recently claimed the title of National Champion in the +105kg class from 2013 through 2017. Also, Caine won the 2014 and 2017 Pan American Championships in the Dominican Republic.

During this time, Caine has become the first American to snatch over 400lbs in competition since Casey Burgener in 2008, as well as just the eighth American ever to total 400kg or more in competition.  Also, in 2015, Caine became just the fifth American to clean & jerk over 500 lbs in competition. He hit his first two 400kg international totals in 2018. He ultimately has his eyes set on representing the US at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, and is also determined to break the long held superheavyweight American records held by Shane Hamman.

2018 World Weightlifting Championships, 12th place, +109kg class
2018 Pan American Championships, 2nd place, +105kg class
2017 American Open Finals, 1st place, +105kg class
2017 World Team Alternate
2017 Pan American Championships, 1st place, +105kg class
2017 National Championships, 1st place, +105kg class
2016 American Open Championships, 1st place, +105kg class
2016 Pan American Championships, 2nd place, +105kg class
2016 National Championships and Olympic Trials, 1st place, +105kg class
2015 World Team Member
2015 National Championships, 1st place, +105kg class, Best Male Lifter
2014 World Team Member
2014 Pan American Championships, 1st place, 105kg+ class
2014 National Championships, 1st place, 105kg+ class
2013 World Team Member
2013 National Championships, 1st place
2012 National Championships, 3rd place
2011 American Open Championships, 2nd place
2008 National Championships, 2nd place
2007 American Open Championships, 3rd place
2007 Sicily Cup Team Member
2007 Junior National Championships, 3rd place
2004 School Age Pan American Championships, 2nd place
2004 School Age National Championships, 2nd place, 105kg+ class
2003 School Age National Championships, 2nd place, 105kg class

Coard Wilkes

Coard has been in the sport of Olympic weightlifting for over 20 years, both as an athlete and a coach.  He began lifting along with the high school football team’s strength and conditioning program, coached by his father.  During that time, he developed a love for the Olympic lifts and the challenge of increasing his total.  In those years he has won several National titles and competed and medaled in international competitions.  In 2007 Coard got his Level 1 certification in CrossFit and has been coaching ever since.  Coard has been focusing more recently on coaching and helping his athletes achieve their potential.

2011: American Open Gold Medalist
2009: Jr. National Champion (94kg)
2008: Jr. National Champion (94kg)
2006: School Age Pan American Silver Medalist (94kg)
2004: School Age National Champion