It’s not a passing trend. If you want to do well in Crossfit workouts and competitions, you have to be strong in the Olympic lifts.

After travelling across the East Coast sharing their lifting experience, the Wilkes family, including 5x National Champion Caine Wilkes and his coach and father, 3x Men’s World Team Coach Chris Wilkes, is bringing years of experience and success to your strength and fitness community.

With Wilkes Weightlifting Seminars, your athletes will learn the secrets to becoming the best lifters they can be. They will learn technique essentials such as bar path, the double-knee bend, and fingertip jerking, along with tips on programming, strength, and conditioning. Small hands-on groups will allow for practical training specific to each individual athlete’s needs. Learn from some of the nation's best!

Seminars are one day, usually beginning at 9am and ending around 4pm, depending on the class size.  The morning will “deconstruct” the lifts, focusing on technique and drill work specific to the competition lifts. After a lunch break, lectures and training will focus on the competition lifts where athletes will have ample time to practice what they have learned during the day.


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Pricing will vary depending on travel needs and costs.